Here are some common questions about Klio.


How does Klio differ from other digital art frames?

Unlike most competitors, Klio is a large format device with a 42″ ultra-high screen and a wide selection of frame treatments, from Italian Modern Black to Faux Ostrich. The feature-packed bold size and stunning finishes help you to make a statement in your dwelling.

More importantly, Klio is the only digital art platform that has been designed for digital from the ground up so that a variety of novel art forms can be displayed, such as Morph Art, Chrono art, Clock Art, generative art and so many more. Many of our competitors’ art collections only contain still images or video loops. We do that too, plus so much more – see Art Forms.

Do I get to keep the art bundle?

Yes. The Klio art bundle (preview here) is included with the purchase price of the device and is yours to keep so long as you have a Klio to access it. We will update the bundle for one year with regular updates, free of charge and yours to keep forever.

Once we stop updating the bundle, you can add to your digital art collection by purchasing new works from the forthcoming art store.

What size is the Klio display?

The Klio display is 42″ (diagonal) and supports ultra-high definition (UHD, or 4K) artworks. The actual size of the Klio product ranges from 41½ x 26 x 3″ to 47 x 31¼ x 3″. The complete technical specs are available on the product page.

How much power does Klio use?

Based on the FTC Energy Guide, Klio uses an estimated $15 in energy per year (136 kWh per year, based on five hours of use per day.) You can set times each day for Klio to sleep and wake, to save energy.

The typical power consumption is about 25-30W.


How do I control Klio?

Klio is controlled either via a dedicated remote control (infrared) or via a mobile app or a web app (online). Most of our users habitually use the dedicated remote control. Klio is the only device of its kind with a dedicated control and on-screen menu.

However, some features are only accessible via the online or mobile app, such as the ability to create and edit playlists. Of course, once created, these playlists are accessible via the dedicated remote on the Klio screen interface.

To control Klio via the online or mobile apps, you can do so from anywhere so long as you have a connection. You do not need to be on the same WiFi as your Klio. You could be as a sports game and change the art on your Klio. You could even take a picture of the game and send it to your Klio at home.

The app also allows you to control multiple Klios. Some of our small business clients have multiple Klios and like that they can control them all from a single app.


Do I need a WiFi connection?

Yes. Klio is a connected device that needs to access your Klio account in the cloud to gain access to the Klio art collection or your own uploads. Klio can also take advantage of both common WiFi bands: 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

However, once you have downloaded some art works to your Klio, they are stored locally and you do not need a WiFi connection to view stored works. In other words, if your WiFi goes down, your Klio will continue to display art just fine.

Can I change the brightness?

Yes. Klio features brightness control via the on-screen user interface (accessed via the dedicated remote) or via the mobile app.

Additionally, Klio features an auto-brightness control that adjusts the brightness automatically depending upon sunrise and sunset times in your locale (which are automatically determined). The brightness levels for various times of day can also be adjusted for your convenience.

How much storage does Klio have?

The Klio art collection is stored in the Klio cloud and art works are downloaded to your device whenever you wish to display them. Therefore, your Klio will never run out of memory or capacity.

When art works are downloaded to the Klio for your viewing, they are stored in a local memory on the device, called a cache. This is currently set to 20GB which is enough to enable you to store sizable playlists. 20GB is enough to store 1000s of classic art images locally and anywhere from 50 to hundreds of the more complex art works (from the Klio-specific art forms).

Can I upload my own content to Klio?

Yes. Klio comes with many features including the ability to upload your own art works or digital memories as either still images or videos, including 4K. To upload your own images, you need to use the mobile app (iPhone or iPad only) to access images first stored on your phone.

Lots of our customers like to upload their own art works to suit their own tastes or they upload photos for special events, like parties or holidays.

5GB of personal storage is included with the Klio device. This will support 1000s of photos, for example.



What are the full technical specs?

Klio is an advanced 4K screen with a dedicated embedded computer that is capable of rendering the advanced Klio art forms. For the full specs, see the spec guide on the product page.

How long does the screen last?

Based upon the manufacturing specification, the KLIO screen will last about 6-7 years at 12 hours a day use.

You can control the sleep time for Klio so that it automatically sleeps during the night time when you are asleep.

You can also turn Klio on and off remotely (via the mobile or web app) if you are away and forget to turn it off.

We also now have support for IFTTT so that Klio can be programmed to sleep/wake using various home automation systems and recipes. For example, if you have a Nest thermostat, then you can detect when it goes into the “away” mode and send your Klio to sleep. This will save energy and lengthen the screen life for your Klio.

What are the specs for the screen?
  • Resolution: Pixels [lines] 3840 x R.G.B. x 2160
  • Active Screen Area [mm]: 919.296 (H) x 517.104 (V) (42” diagonal)
  • Sub-Pixel Pitch [mm] 0.0798 (H) x 0.2394 (V)
  • Contrast Ratio: 5000:1 Typ.
  • Based upon the manufacturing specification, the KLIO screen will last about 6-7 years at 12 hours a day use.
What kind of network connection do I need?

Klio uses WiFi to download art on demand from the Klio art collection in the cloud. We support 2.4 and 5GHz bands for WiFi.

Most of the art works are in the range of a few to a few hundred megabytes, and so connection speed isn’t generally an issue. A few art works are quite large (1GB+) and a faster connection would be useful. However, note that once an art work is downloaded, it is cached locally on the device and can be played from local memory until such time as the cache fills up.

The cache is 20GB, which is large enough to store several typical playlists according to how our customers currently use Klio.

We have found that with some customer, they have mounted their Klio on a wall that happens to be in an area of poor WiFi reception. In these situations, some customers have found that are WiFi extender plugged into a nearby socket (on the same wall) can greatly improve connection speed. We are able to recommend extenders that our customers have found to work well.

What is the viewing angle of the display?

Using the industry standard measure of viewing angle (CR>10), the display has a typical horizontal angle of  +89/-89 (from the horizontal plane)  and a typical vertical angle of +89/-89 (from the vertical plane).


How do I hang Klio?

Klio comes with a robust support bracket made by Qualgear and able to support loads well in excess of Klio (30-50lbs). The bracket is wide enough to span studs behind a dry wall and is similar to the brackets used to hang flat-screen TVs.

It is recommended, although not necessary, to install a power socket behind Klio in order to hide the cord. This is a simple and relatively inexpensive task for a qualified electrician, but there are also DIY in-wall socket extenders that are also popular.

Can I change the frame?

No, currently we do not support swapping or changing the frame finish once you purchase a Klio.

Can I mount Klio vertically (portrait)?

Klio has a dedicated on-screen user interface (menus) that are designed to work horizontally. Also, most of the art works have been uniquely designed for Klio and are horizontal (landscape) form.

However, we have had some customers hang Klio vertically in order to fit Klio into a tight space or because they have unique art works that they want to upload and display for themselves (in portrait orientation). Most customers who have done this own two Klio devices and hang one in each orientation.

There is no reasons that Klio won’t work (physically) in vertical orientation, just that it has been designed to hang and operate horizontally.

Do you sell Klio without a frame?

No, we do not sell a frameless Klio.

Technically, you could fairly easily remove the frame but this would void the warranty because the Klio device should not be subject to unnecessary forces that could damage the screen or its connectors.

Can you install my Klio for me?

Sorry, but we do not offer a white-glove or installation service at this time. However, hanging Klio is almost identical to hanging a flat-screen TV and most electricians or general handymen can carry out this task. Klio comes with a wall mount bracket that is easy to attach to most wall surfaces.


Do you ship outside of the US?

At the moment we do not ship outside of the US even though our product is fully tested and certified for the EU and Canada. We have yet to file additional export compliances for these regions.

Some of our customers in these regions have purchased Klio via a US address.

How quickly can you deliver?

Typically, we need 3-5 days for order fulfillment. Each Klio frame is assembled by hand in our Ohio factory where the device is then tested, packaged and shipped.

We do offer expedited shipping (2 days) if you are in a hurry at an additional cost of $50. Otherwise, shipping is free.

Is shipping free?

Yes, shipping is free for anywhere in the US. We also offer expedited shipping for an additional $50.


What is the warranty?

We offer a 1-year warranty that includes total replacement should the device stop working.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please file a support request, email klioart@art.com or call 866-207-3981