Hand-Finished 4K Art Display

  • High quality Italian frames Muse range, starting at $999.
  • Special edition metallics Stylist range, starting at $1299.
  • Robust and bold Klio Rival range, starting at $1499.
  • All with 4K UHD displays with 42″ diagonal
  • All with on-screen interface via dedicated remote or controllable via mobile app.

Unique Digital Art Worth $$$$$

  • Over 400 contemporary works from global artists.
  • Art bundle included in the purchase price.
  • Many works commissioned uniquely for Klio and worth thousands of $.
  • Bundle updated every week for a year (inc. in price).
  • The largest range of unique art forms of any display on the market, including Morph, Chrono and Clocks.
  • Art works that evolve over time, from a few seconds to a year!

Also included:

Cloud Store for Your Own Media/Art

  • Upload your own art works (photos/videos) to Klio Cloud.
  • Store images privately (up to 5GB for free).
  • Add your works to any playlist on Klio.
  • Mix and match your works with Klio art in playlists.
  • Send to any of your Klio devices.
  • Use convenience of iPhone to upload images/videos.

My Klio Account

  • Control your Klio(s) from any device and from anywhere.
  • Review and edit your playlists.
  • Change art on any of your Klio displays.
  • View your own image uploads.
  • Collect and manage your own unique art collection when the Klio art store launches end of 2016.


Stunning 4K “Up-Close” Display

  • The above clickable image is simulated to illustrate 4K/HD.
  • Enjoy much finer details when moving up-close to art.
  • Enjoy hidden extra features and details in many art works.
  • Watch video demo of 4K Klio advantage.
  • Display has automatic brightness control to suit time-of-day viewing.

Dedicated Remote or Mobile Interface

Dedicated Remote

Mobile App

Web App

  • Only Klio has a dedicated remote control and on-screen user interface
  • Easy operator convenience at the tip of your fingers
  • Control any number of Klios via the remote app, mobile or web
  • Preview the art via the mobile app
  • Read dedicated Klio news channel on the mobile app
  • Listen to Klio podcasts on the mobile app


Browse Featured Art

Check out curated digital art and discover cutting-edge artists from around the world. Hand-picked and ready to delight, Featured Art is a great place to start.


Learn About Digital Art Forms

From scintillating cinemagraphs to morph art that suddenly comes to life in unexpected ways, get to know and explore the art of tomorrow via the Art Forms menu.


Favorites & Recently Viewed

Mark art you can’t get enough of as favorites and easily return to recently viewed pieces via the Browsed menu.


Create Playlists

Curate art playlists, set timing and sequencing, and add clever names. Look for the Playlist Menu, and never host a boring party again.


Explore Your Art Collection

Each Klio includes a digital art bundle of several hundred pieces of art to start you out. Down the line, you can add more art to your collection a la carte and grow it over time.


Adjust Settings & Personalize

Name your device, check your wi-fi connection, save the world with energy saving settings, and more.

Klio Technical Specs


  • Chipset: Amlogic S802 Quad-core Cortex-A9r4 2GHz
  • GPU: octa-core Mali-450MP GPU
  • Memory: 20GB local cache (1000s of classic art works)
  • Resolution: Pixels [lines] 3840 x R.G.B. x 2160
  • Active Screen Area [mm]: 919.296 (H) x 517.104 (V) (42” diagonal)
  • Sub-Pixel Pitch [mm] 0.0798 (H) x 0.2394 (V)
  • Contrast Ratio: 5000:1 Typ.
  • Typical power consumption: 30W


  • File type: Klio .art proprietary format
  • Video encoding types: HD MPEG1/2/4, H.264/H.265
  • Upload capacity: 5GB free
  • 4K2K 30fps support
  • WiFi:  2.4/5GHz dual-band
  • Screen life: LCD display life ~7 years @ 12 hrs/day
  • Viewing angle (CR>10):  +89/-89(H),+89/-89(V) Typ.


  • Screen size: 42″ on all models
  • Muse range: 41½ x 26 x 3 inches
  • Stylist range: 42 x 26¼ x 2½ inches
  • Rival range: up to 47 x 31¼ x 3 inches
  • Weight ~25-30 lbs.


  • VESA rack mount (included in box)
  • Needs secure mounting to wall
  • 110V power socket required
  • (EU Voltages supported/certified)


  • 3-5 days fulfillment
  • Standard or expedited shipping
  • 1-Year Warranty/replacement


Watch the video below to learn about the new art forms Klio brings to life.

Unlike any competing device, Klio supports a wide range of unique "designed for digital" art forms that bring compelling art experiences to your dwelling, such as art works that slowly unfold over time. Watch the video below for a brief overview of the unique Klio art forms, although we are adding new forms all the time.  
One the most popular unique art forms on Klio is Morph Art. This technique gives the impression of a still image. However, at random or fixed intervals, the image will start to exhibit movement before returning to a still state. There can be many of these movement phases in the art. Exactly how many phases is part of the secret sauce that an artist keeps hidden in order to surprise and delight her audience.  
Klio clock art is popular with our audience. These are works of art that besides exhibiting a beautiful or stirring aesthetic, they also tell the time. Some of the clocks are famous clocks from around the world whilst others are abstract concoctions, like drips of paint that roll down the canvas every hour.  
Unlike our competitors, the Klio device has a dedicated remote control and on-screen interface. Optionally, Klio can be controlled via a companion mobile or web app. The video below is a live product demo of Klio that takes a tour through its key features, including all of the current art forms (which are growing all the time).  


Handcrafted and finished to perfection in a range of colors and styles, each Klio is inspected by our experts to ensure superior quality and style. We use only the finest materials because basically, your Klio deserves it… the art deserves it.

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