Jona Dinges

Jona Dinges is one of our emerging European artists, a freelance designer and artist from Mainz, Germany.

He calls himself a design generalist with a passion for emotional design across all medias.

“Design needs to connect to the audience and motion is a great tool to build something captivating. It is not without reason that motion and emotion have the same etymology. (Latin motionem (nominative motio) “a moving, a motion; an emotion.”

– Jona Dinges

We started working with Jona after we fell in love with his Ronin animation. It uses a lo-fi polyform that is very popular at the moment, especially in animated GIFs found on Tumblr and amongst other cutting-edge digital art communities.

A favorite piece of ours is called Cenote, named after the deep diving caves found in Mexico. The animated shimmer provides a thought-provoking vista that makes one ponder the relationship between above and below. Jona refers to the sunbeams as “God rays.”