Luca Agnani

Luca is a video-projection artist who lives and works in Italy.

In May 2013, he made the video “Van Gogh Shadow“, a digital re-imagination of some of Van Gogh’s famous works.


Luca was invited to present his videos in London by the British department store chain John Lewis for the inauguration of the new OLED TV from LG and went on to exhibit the work at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Uniquely for Klio owners, Luca took excerpts from Van Gogh Shadow and created “Morph Art” and video adaptations including some brand new animations for the piece called “Yellow House”.

At first glance, “Yellow House” looks like a static reproduction of Van Gogh’s popular work. However, at random time intervals, parts of the image come to life as if the viewer is being transported back in time to the moment that Van Gogh painted the scene.

Here is an excerpt of just one of those “living moments” in Yellow House.