Sam Mattacott

Sam Mattacott is a UK based artist working with digital methods of production. His work has been exhibited by several galleries and public art institutions across Europe and the Americas (as well as festival screenings in both continents). Sam’s work was recently featured as a highlight in the Savannah .GIF Festival as well as being included in a number of online collections.

His creative interest falls mainly in the realm of 3D computer graphics, using this rich medium to explore aesthetics that would be impossible without it.

The tools of 3D CGI have been designed with specific goals in mind and tend to gear toward the mimicry of photographic representation; what’s interesting to Sam is when these programs are taken out of context. By introducing incompatible datasets and deliberately subverting the process, Sam is able to arrive in the depths of computer graphics where established rules no longer apply.

“I really like the look of the Klio as an object. I think that sort of screen is going to become more and more popular over the coming years.”

Sam Mattacott

Sam’s first work for Klio (called Three Keys (Silent) – see above) is inspired by the work of early minimalist composers. It is a 9-minute film edited from an original 33-minute composition made of three intersecting objects based upon three soundtracks of different lengths.

Each object is a 3D representation of the score which is then animated in time to the music itself. The overlapping motion that this creates is altered over time as each track loops on its own duration.

For this piece, the original generating sound track has been removed to render a silent reflection of the composition. In future Klio versions, sound support will be added and this piece can be appreciated along with its ambient soundscape.

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