Philippe Sainte-Laudy


Philippe Sainte-Laudy is a world-leading photographer based in Strasbourg and spends much of his time very close to nature.

I seek adventure where I can. In photography, I seek solitude and contemplative scenes that tell a story of aesthetics

— Philippe

Our team at Klio took some of his most popular works, like Spiritual Wood (very popular on and added subtle and natural movement in keeping with the tone of the original.

In this example of “Video Art” below, we see the addition of gently blowing leaves to the Spiritual Wood piece. It is surprisingly calming and looks stunning on some of our Klio devices, like the Gold version of The Stylist.

Indeed, this particular digital edition has proven to be remarkably popular with visitors to our lab during the development of Klio. As an interesting factoid, this piece was one of the first pieces we made for Klio when exploring the “Video Art” genre. From showing it, we learned the importance of gentle and subtle movement for digital décor.