Rory Scott

Rory Scott

We are excited to welcome Rory Scott to Klio, an animator and digital artist based in Chicago. Her work revolves around her acute awareness of time, memories, space and the Universe. Through examining the past and accepting impermanence, her art is an exercise in letting go.

Her work confronts and reconciles the passage of time, by juxtaposing the old and the new. By conjuring up the nostalgia of the past, with a new digital reinterpretation of retro futurist designs, her animations evoke the feeling of traveling through time. She further explores time travel through presenting her work via antique projectors, View-Masters & 35mm slide viewers, and light boxes, which capture the magic and the nostalgia of the past through the allure of light.

Ms. Scott’s current work is a fraction of an ongoing 6 year project. These excerpts, represent one step along the way, in the completion of 60 short animated films, based on personal diary entries written between 2010-2012.

Over the coming weeks we will feature a number of works by Rory. These works, along with others, will also be exhibited on Klio displays in various locales and galleries in Chicago.