Ursula Abresch

Ursula Abresch was born in Argentina and raised in Argentina and Chile. She moved to the U.S. to attend university, and eventually moved permanently to Canada. She is currently the Artistic Director at VISAC Gallery of Art in Trail, British Columbia.

“There’s more to a moment than what you see with your eyes. There are the thoughts at the time, the sounds, the smells, what you touch and more. All of this is real and integral to my photography. It’s the sum that makes the photo.”

– Ursula Albresch

We worked with Ursula’s permission to reinterpret some of her popular works into subtle and emotive motion art for Klio. The stirring nature of her artwork makes it particularly suitable for digital décor.

With the “Migrations” piece shown above, which is originally photographic art, we re-animated the flock of birds just as Ursula would have seen them when she took the shot.

Using our “Morph Art” technique, we added a number of living moments to the art where the flock of birds appear at different places in the sky and swoop at varying speeds. Most of the time, the image is unmoving, which helps to give the piece a slow pace suitable for digital décor.

One of these living moments is shown below: