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Introducing Klio - Experience art evolving.
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Klio™ was designed with art lovers in mind.



Control your device using the Klio iOS App and save art you love from anywhere.


Art that evolves over time

Get access to fresh, exclusive digital art collections. With Klio, your space is ever-changing.


Watch the video below to learn about the new art forms Klio brings to life.

Unlike any competing device, Klio supports a wide range of unique "designed for digital" art forms that bring compelling art experiences to your dwelling, such as art works that slowly unfold over time. Watch the video below for a brief overview of the unique Klio art forms, although we are adding new forms all the time.  
One the most popular unique art forms on Klio is Morph Art. This technique gives the impression of a still image. However, at random or fixed intervals, the image will start to exhibit movement before returning to a still state. There can be many of these movement phases in the art. Exactly how many phases is part of the secret sauce that an artist keeps hidden in order to surprise and delight her audience.  
Klio clock art is popular with our audience. These are works of art that besides exhibiting a beautiful or stirring aesthetic, they also tell the time. Some of the clocks are famous clocks from around the world whilst others are abstract concoctions, like drips of paint that roll down the canvas every hour.  
Unlike our competitors, the Klio device has a dedicated remote control and on-screen interface. Optionally, Klio can be controlled via a companion mobile or web app. The video below is a live product demo of Klio that takes a tour through its key features, including all of the current art forms (which are growing all the time).  

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